CD Lighting offers one of the most complete lines for Commercial, Institutional, Medical and High Abuse markets. Most products are available for immediate shipment within 48 hours. 

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All CD Lighting products come in LED-R version.


LED-R = LED Ready lighting fixture prewired for use with LED T-8 lamps with integral drivers.

LED equipped lighting fixtures will provide light output comparable to their fluorescent counterparts with the same number of lamps.

The lighting fixtures come pre-wired for use with LED T-8 lamps with integral drivers. Then you buy and install LED T-8 lamps with integral drivers, which could be purchased  in a variety of color temperatures. For a list of your local LED lamps distributors please contact the Customer Service.

The dimensions and the main specifications for LED products are the same as for fluorescent versions with these additions:

LAMPS: LED T-8 tubes with integral driver (by others)
LISTINGS: All LED products are ETL listed


Use the same ordering matrix as you would for a fluorescent luminaire with required number of lamps, then add “LED-R” at the end of the ordering number.

For example:

Fluorescent Luminaire:   CGE-24-4-32-UNV-EB-12PA
LED Luminaire: CGE-24-4-32-UNV-EB-12PA-LED-R

Click on the left to view the products tha tyou can order in LED-R version.

Most LED-R products are available for Quick Shipment within 48 hours. For a complete list go to 48 Hour Quick Ship.

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